The OmniPoint LTE Private Network

Fast-growing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing the way we live and cities operate. The Smart City solution is a comprehensive system that features top-level design, integration, operations, service applications, and new ICT infrastructure. 

Cities use new ICT to sense, analyze, and converge key data from city operations and management systems, so that managers can intelligently respond to a variety of governance, livelihood, and business needs.

Smart City Solution incorporates cloud, network, and platform technologies, along with robust security.  Omnipoint/Huawei safeguards Smart Cities with six security mechanisms: Physical, network, host, virtualization, application, and data.

For resilient, high-performance, and scalable LTE infrastructure solutions, Omnipoint Technology Enterprise Solutions will show you how to gain and keep the competitive edge.

Intelligent City Features:

  • Broadband trunking and secure enterprise LTE access
  • Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS)
  • Video surveillance, multimedia conferencing, and image processing
  • Emergency command and control systems
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OmniPoint Technology LTE Service

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