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OmniPoint Technology has one goal, bring High Speed Broadband Services to everyone. We provide high-capacity bandwidth and wide coverage, with the flexibility to move bandwidth to where demand requires it. We have partnered with a leader in Satellite Technology to bring you a system that is designed to grow with your demand, boosting service speeds and providing more bandwidth capacity and throughput to satisfy every customer on the network. Combined with our LTE Services OmniPoint Technology is providing “Broadband Everywhere, for Everyone”!

Our Services
Long-Term Evolution - LTE

What are the advantages of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) How we overcome NLOS (NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT). Wireless signals weaken over distance – a process called “attenuation.” This occurs in a step-like manner, where enough attenuation means the signal drops to progressively lower and lower levels, with each level down reducing the ability of the signal to deliver data. With trees in the way, blocking lines-of-sight, low power signals are both scattered and absorbed by leaves, modulating the signal down to useless levels. Unlike Wi-Fi, LTE was designed for outdoor wireless, not indoor wireless local networks. This means LTE signals are able to hold higher modulation levels in the face of more foliage, and do a better job of collecting all the various reflections off leaves to make sense of the signal. LTE does such a better job in fact that it holds about a 7 dB advantage over Wi-Fi on a per modulation basis, a massive benefit of LTE.

Intelligent City

Fast-growing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is changing the way we live and cities operate. The Smart City solution is a comprehensive system that features top-level design, integration, operations, service applications, and new ICT infrastructure.

Satellite Service

Our system provides satellite service in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia have selected our systems to provide faster speeds and quicker response than ever thought possible for internet over satellite. Speed that is 10 times faster than previous satellite internet service. Our high-capacity system offers the economics, ability to serve mass markets, and the consumer experience that meets today’s demands for high-bandwidth online media and content. Launched in January 2012 using, the highest capacity satellite in the world.

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