Introducing OmniPoint LTE Service
Your Private Enterprise LTE Wireless Network

LONG-TERM EVOLUTION or LTE is the new spectrum opened by regulators in the U.S. called the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band (3.55 GHz- 3.7 GHz) will allow municipalities to shed onerous carrier contracts for the first time by allowing them to build their own private, frequency-protected networks. OmniPoint Technolgy a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) has partnered with leading technology firms in this emerging industry to bring users of this new technology levels of service not before thought possible. According to industry experts 4G services up to 1Gbps and 5G services 5 to 10 times that will be possible with LTE.

OmniPoint Technology LTE solution enriches people’s lives by providing network high speed access to the internet anytime, anywhere.  The OmniPoint Technology LTE solution is not limited by imposed density algorithms; rural areas access or even challenging terrains.  Omnipoint Technology plans do not limit customers by levying data caps or throttle you service when you most need it.

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OmniPoint Technology LTE Service

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